About Me

I am Taskinoor Hasan and this is my personal blog. Well, to be frank … I am not very good at writing. Though I will try to share a few things. This is just for fun, nothing serious at all.

I am a Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) graduate and working as a software developer from June, 2008.

I occasionally participate in stackoverflow. Here is my profile.

My very very very very very little contribution to Python.

My primary hobbies are reading and collecting books on various topics and programming/software development. And secondary hobbies are listening songs and watching movies.

I am always available via taskinoor@gmail.com.

Disclaimer: All the articles/codes are written with the hope that they will be useful. However, I am still learning everyday. So there might be bugs and misconceptions. If you find anything wrong, please let me know via comments. I will fix them ASAP.

All of these are written as a hobby, they are not related to my job. I have no business/monetary plan with these. As I said, this is just for fun.

Finally… if you find anything useful, I would love to hear that too :-).