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Compiling the Linux kernel

This is actually a very old writing. I wrote this back on 2007 in my old blog (which is now deleted). I was building my own Linux From Scratch and needed to compile the kernel as part of that. Later … Continue reading

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AS3: Load assets dynamically for better performance

Asset management is a crucial point of every game. These assets may include bitmap images, audio and video files, animations, 3D models etc. etc. Depending on the size of the game there might be hundreds of such assets. How these … Continue reading

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Let Bash make the birthday wish

One of my colleagues birthday was a few days ago (December 22). He is our network/sysadmin and is a big Linux fan (nothing surprising, all sysadmins of the world tend to be Linux fan). So I decided to write a … Continue reading

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Implement a true Singleton in AS3

Singleton is a design pattern that enforces that a class can have only one instance which is shared by all and provides an easy global access point to this. A few examples are: In iOS the UIDevice class is a … Continue reading

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